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Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Back on Track

We arrived home late last night after being on vacation since the 8th of December.  My gosh, I worked so hard to get pre-scheduled posts done for all 6 of my blogs to run while we were gone but as our departure date came closer I realized that there was no way I could schedule enough posts.  Essentially this would have meant having 180 extra posts plus 12 extras for arrival and departure dates) in addition to my normal blogging.  Unfortunately I just couldn't do it so ended up doing some blogging from motel rooms as well as at our vacation home.  In hind sight I should have started doing the pre-scheduled posts as soon as we arrived home from our vacation home the first week of October knowing full well that a month spanning the busy holiday season would be almost impossible to keep up.

I learned a rather valuable lesson though when it comes to pre-scheduling posts for vacations especially for extended vacations.  You have to start early, as soon as you know your departure date!  I was lucky for this vacation as I was able to take my iMac that has my customized Photoshop on it in addition to my husband's laptop.  Setting up the iMac was as easy as setting up the laptop so I ended up with the same type of computing resources on vacation as at home.  That meant I could easily download pictures from my camera, edit them as normal then upload and blog.  The main problem while on vacation became finding the time to blog.

We were gone a total of four and a half weeks.  I lost an entire day of any internet access the first day but had internet access the second day at our vacation home.  Still I was tired and not quite in the mood for blogging.  We left our vacation home and headed to one of our kids that took a total of two and a half days with internet access at motel rooms then again at our kids.  Finally we were on the road another day to get home being too tired to do anything online.  Out of the time away I basically lost a week just due to traveling.  Then I lost more time due to entertaining and sightseeing.  So I know now that I need to have all the posts ready and pre-scheduled prior to leaving home so I can relax and enjoy my vacation without worrying about editing pictures or doing any blogging at all.  That way I can spend a few minutes during the day doing a bit of traffic building, blog networking and replying to comments instead of worrying about getting posts out.

I have the tentative date of our next trip to our vacation home although I may make one solo trip there before then.  I am going to start working on pre-scheduled posts for that time period to see if how that works.  I know off the hop that I will only have my husband's laptop as we are planning on flying to our vacation home to stay a couple of weeks then flying to Las Vegas for a week before returning home.   I had best get busy!


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