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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heads Up - Stay Away From the Buxes!

One of the goals of many bloggers is to make a little money online if only enough to cover their internet connection costs.  I have seen some bloggers advertising the 'bux' sites on their blogs so am assuming if they are advertising them they are likely using them.  These sites really have nothing to do with blogging other than advertising them.  By now most bloggers have seen the 'bux' sites that are in the format ___bux(dot)com with a short word to fill in the blank.  These sites promise payouts as low as $1 for clicking on advertisements presented to the member.  Usually there is a set amonut of ads ranging from 4 to 6 per day paying 1¢ per click so you can only earn a few cents daily at best.  What these sites are not telling you is most of them are a sham!  Anyone can buy a site hosted on the bux(dot)com domain for $25.  They set up shop, do a bit of advertising to get members to join.  If they are lucky they will get the member to upgrade their membership then poof they are gone with any of the piddly earnings you made and your membership fee.  I personally lost $6.56 between two of the bux sites but reports are now coming out with other bloggers losing over $50.  Some have reported cashing out at over $50 but when they checked their account the bux site had deposited only a few cents.  There is no recourse.  Basically these sites are a waste of time and effort.  My advice with respect to the bux sites is to stay away from them.  Do not be tempted to try their scam.  More importantly do not advertise these types of sites on your blog.


John | English Wilderness said...

Scam or not, I hate this kind of site. There are much easier and more enjoyable ways to earn a bit of money online.

Garden Gnome said...

They really are one of the biggest scams! You are right, there are a lot more enjoyable ways to make money online.

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