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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Linking to Blogs I Author

As an author of six blogs I can see the pros to interlinking between my blogs.  During my research for prepping my blogs for their own domains, I found that occasionally linking one blog to another in the posts is not a bad thing.  What I did find out is like many other bloggers I have my other blogs' badges in the sidebar with a link to them.  This apparently is not a good thing as Mr. G. may interpret this as one blog merely being a page of another blog resulting in no PR.  The way to solve this problem is to add the rel="nofollow" to these links.  Now Mr. G won't follow and index these links allowing each blog to earn its PR yet readers can still click on the badges to read my other blogs.  This is one of the little tweaks I did across all of my blogs as part of my prep work.


Ben said...

You may want to read up on that some more, as there were some changes back in 2009 that make the nofollow attribute fairly useless. Have a look for a post "PageRank Sculpting" by Matt Cutts, also check out the Nofollow article on Wikipedia.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Ben :) The nofollow attribute is about as confusing as it can get and different SEO experts have different opinions as to whether to use it or not. I found that YouTube now owned by Google uses nofollow so I find that a bit strange. Blogger also owned by Mr. G. has comments set to nofollow by default. Some of the other search engines honour the nofollow attribute.

It seems to me when it comes to Mr. G. everything is confusing. Awhile ago they announced they weren't using meta tags. During one of my blogs' updates I accidently deleted my meta tags. Traffic from Mr. G. on that blog plummeted. When I realized and corrected the problem the very same day I put the meta tags back on Mr. G. rewarded me with increased traffic. I tell you it is enough to give anyone a headache.

I wonder if the nofollow will be the same?

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