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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pagerank Update

Well the rumour went out that Google had updated their page rank so being a sucker for punishment I moseyed on over to check all of my blogs' page rank.  None of them changed except the blog I have been working the hardest on.  And that's not a good thing either.  For example this blog has had daily posts since it first began and yet the PR hasn't changed a bit.  My cooking blog was a PR 4 but has been reduced to PR3 despite publishing 364 posts in 2010.  Now with my cooking blog the only major change I made was to remove Adsense in favour of an exclusive and well paying private contract when I changed the template.  I can't help but wonder if removing Adsense made a difference?  There is no way that changing a template could affect the PR this way especially when it is a tweaked Blogger template. 

The rule of thumb when PR changes negatively is to not do anything.  This is very difficult though because the first instinct is panic changing.  Essentially if you have not made any changes then Google has in some manner adjusted their algorithm so you blog should be back up to the former PR ranking with their next update.  In this case I did remove Adsense ads and while that may be the reason for a decrease PR ranking I doubt it.  I'm going to carry on as I have been and hope that the PR returns to a 4 at the next update.

Garden Gnome


John | Daily Photo said...

Sorry to hear your pagerank has dropped :-( Luckily none of mine have gone done, although it was disappointing to see my latest site hasn't passed 0 yet.

Garden Gnome said...

PR is a funny thing, isn't it. I was disappointed so am doing a bit of troubleshooting.

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