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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Traffic Exchange Work-Around

If you use Google Adsense the recommendation is to not use a traffic exchange (TE) that points directly to your blog.  However, I found a work-around that is quite within the Adsense TOS but it does take more work to set up.  What you need to do is find a couple of TE you want to participate in.  Then you set up a splash page for your blog with the "how to subscribe information to your blog".  This will give you unique hits to your blog via your new subscribers.  This won't get you "direct traffic" from the TE so there is no problem using this method with Adsense.  What it will do if marketed properly is increase your readership via subscriptions through greater exposure.  This is one way of having your cake and eating it too.

Don't expect your traffic to increase greatly over night using this method.  It is one more marketing tool you can use for gaining exposure without violating the terms of Adsense and even if you don't use Adsense it is a great method for gaining new subscribers.  Essentially it is advertising that is getting you subscribers via a larger network but is not getting you any click traffic.  You can 'advertise' your blog on a traffic exchange but what you can't do is 'click' to pad traffic and any advertising pages you do on traffic exchanges must not have any Adsense ads on them.  So you can advertise your site or your banner providing there are no actual Adsense ads on the ads you use.


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