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Monday, January 17, 2011

What's in a Title

The title of a blog post can in some ways make or break the post especially with respect to search engine traffic.  I was actually saddened to read on one blog network where a member said she did not pay attention to the title but then all she was in it for is to do the clicking to make money not really read the blogs.  This is not the norm though.  The title of a blog post is the first thing to catch the eye of the reader and it should be constructed as such to catch the attention of the search engine bots.  Cutesy, non-description titles like "Oh No!!!" may catch the attention of a reader familiar with your blog or one dropping by out of curiosity but will do absolutely nothing for catching the attention of search engine bots. 

Leave cute at the door!  You want your post titles to be effective at catching the attention of both readers and search engines.  An effective title needs to be short and to the point, containing at least one keyword or key phrase.  Add a bit of pizzazz by using a well chosen adjective.  If in doubt use the KISS Hypothesis - Keep It Simple Silly!


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