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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Writing Outline

A point form outline is often used to help organize your thoughts to make the written work flow logically and smoothly.  This technique is quite useful when writing essays, letters, novels and similar types of written works.  While a point form outline can be a useful technique for certain types of blog posts it is not applicable to all blog posts.  I use a point form outline when I write longer posts that need a clear and logical flow.  It helps to prevent redundancy and omissions in longer posts as well as improve your writing style. 

An easy way to incorporate a point form outline to help write the post is to create the point form in the blog editor.  Then go back and start filling in the blanks.  For example, one point under the main introduction point may be 'restaurant information' so add the actual name and location of the restaurant.  The next point may be 'restaurant features' so fill that information in.  Keep working in this way to fill in all the points you want to cover then systematically remove each reminder point leaving the information intact.  Finish off that information in sentence form then move to the next point and do the same.  Essentially by the time you are finished doing this the post is ready for editing and ready to be posted.


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