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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bit of Blogger's Block

Last Friday night I took out my leg in a rather fluke accident.  The end result is my leg looking as if I have a second knee over my tibia about 3 - inches down from my actual knee with me hobbling about on crutches because it is too painful to put pressure on it.  So looking on the bright side I figured I could use this time to get a bit of blogging done.  Being confined at my desk with my leg elevated, icing every two hours and only up on crutches for a few minutes at a time should have given me plenty of time to get some serious blogging done.  The problem is the accident seems to have triggered bloggers block.  Dash my luck!  I seriously just do not feel like writing.  Adding to this is knowing I have to do a bit of cooking for a couple of posts coming up on my cooking blog.  Quite frankly cooking is not going to be happening for a couple more days if not longer!

Not to be discouraged I added my blogs to a couple of directories, did a bit of pinging, wrote a couple of short blog posts and basically diddled my time amusing myself finding old friends on Facebook.  I decided to play a couple of games on Facebook as well.  You will be happy to know I have top score in Bejewelled for my team which isn't bad for a three man team with only one member active.  I'm just saying ;) 


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