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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook vs Twitter

Oh my gosh with being out of commission for a few days I decided to check out Facebook.  Despite having  a Facebook account I saw no real need to use it all that much especially with the privacy controversy.  I have been rather active on Twitter so saw no real need to add to my social networking.  Gosh, I was in some respects wrong.  Twitter and Facebook are both social networks but they differ significantly.  Twitter in many ways is a lot more public and less intimate than Facebook is.  It is a great tool for promoting your blog to those who have an arm's length relationship with you like other bloggers you've met through blog advertising networks and forums.  Facebook on the other hand is all about friends and family, those that you have a relationship with on a one to one basis in real life.  In that respect Facebook has a narrower circle of influence but in many ways a stronger one.  Family and close friends will tend to read your blog a lot quicker than those who are acquaintences.  In this respect I see Facebook giving a higher quality of blog traffic than Twitter but time will tell.


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