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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Few Blogger Problems

A couple of days ago I noticed that my blog traffic was down.  The following day while doing my Adgitize I came across a blog that complained about all Blogger blogs being down that day.  Well that explained why my traffic was down but I didn't get any complaints.  Blogger has been having a few glitches lately.  I'm not sure what is going on but have noticed a problem.  I often have my main editing window open then one or more other Blogger windows open in my browser.  Today any extra Blogger windows insisted on me signing in again.  It was a rather fun bit of nonsense.  Still there appears to be a few ongoing problems with Blogger.  Here's hoping they settle down quickly.


Linnea skriver: said...

I too found problems with blogger the last days. But I cannot find a place to report them. Perhaps you can help me with a mail-adress or something like that?
My problem is that images uploaded to one of their servers seems to be blocked. But I find nowhere to report it.
Example: If you click on the first image in this posting it is blocked. But not the next image.
Do you experience the same?
Best wishes Anette Linnea

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