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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Page Rank

My six blogs have been doing rather well thanks to a fair amount of hard work so imagine my disappointment when despite doing everything right one of my blogs went from PR 4 to PR 3.  Like many I had a knee-jerk reaction to make a few major changes without really troubleshooting.  The reality is and something many bloggers don't understand is if you get any PR at all with a blog you are doing something good.  Another thing many bloggers don't realize is PR is not static.  It really does change on daily basis so what you see on the PR bar is only a reflection of the PR when it was taken at that time.  The PR bar does not reflect daily fluctuations in your page rank.

Once I calmed down I realized this actually was a good thing since I had been looking for a good time to switch my blogs over to their own domains.  The reality is that a major change like changing domains is going to have an impact on PR.  When done properly the effect should be minimal during the switch-over period then should result is a favourable PR effect later.

According to everything I've read having your own domain is better than using a free sub-domain (eg. xxx.blogspot.com, xxx.wordpress.com) especially when it comes to page rank.  Quite frankly I have seen some rather great blogs with PR 4 using the free sub-domains so I'm a bit confused with respect as to how a paid domain helps gain page rank.  At any rate, I'm changing my blogs over to their own domain not for page rank but for greater control.  If changing them increases my page rank then I will be pleasantly surprised!


John | English Wilderness said...

Good luck with the custom domains :-)

I've only changed one of my blogs over, but so far it hasn't regained it's pagerank. I'm not too worried though.

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks John :) The more I read about it the more confused I get. This should be an interesting experiment!

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