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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Confusing

In my quest to go to self hosting I have run across a couple of problems.  Here's my scenerio:

  • I own two domains through Netfirms that cam with free hosting but I haven't used either.  The size of the free hosting is not big enough for my six blogs so I would have to increase the hosting capacity.
  • In the short term even when changing domains in Blogger the blogs will still be hosted by Blogger and in reality with their own domains leaving them on Blogger may not be a bad thing.  It is always an option to point to my own domain while still using Blogger.  I like Blogger and have no complaints with the service so keeping them as a blog host wouldn't hurt my feelings.  However, I would like to be able to get to PHP for a specific reason.  Maybe they will come up with a paid hosting plan to allow that.  I'll have to keep an eye on draft mode!  I can't help but wonder how many are actually doing this to make it look like they are self hosting but really aren't.
  • I still need to buy 4 more domains.  If I buy them through Netfirms and self host them then I will have to either have to increase the Netfirms hosting or transfer them to another host which costs more money.  Which means if I am going to change to a different host I should buy the new domains through them to avoid any transfer fees.
What started out as a rather easy endeavour has quickly gotten rather complicated.  At any rate I'm now ready to point to my own domains for two of my blogs so will be making that change.  By doing this through Blogger then letting the links settle for a month or so apparently there should be no reduction in ranking.  I'm still trying to figure out what happens as far as links for Alexa and that type of thing.  These likely will all need changing.


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