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Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Enough to Give Me a Headache

My gosh!  When it comes to anything to do with Mr. G. it is enough to give me a headache.  I posted a few days ago about adding the rel="nofollow" tag on the links on each of my blogs pointing to the other blogs I author.  In doing the research I found that linking to your own blogs could be viewed as link spamming or view the blogs a pages of the main blog.  The recommendation was to add the nofollow tag to any link that you didn't want Mr. G. to index so that there would be no PR penalty.  Well that was all fine and good so that's what I did.  Apparently that was wrong advice as Mr. G. claims to not be honouring the nofollow tag even though some search engines do.  In short the nofollow tag is basically useless but consider:

  • Mr. G. announced that meta tags would have no bearing on search results.  I accidently removed the meta tags on one of my blogs when updating the template.  Traffic from Mr. G. immediately plummeted.  Once I realized and corrected the problem, the very same day Mr. G. started sending me traffic.  Hmm, I thought Mr. G. was not paying any attention to meta tags!
  • Mr. G. owns YouTube.  The nofollow attribute is used on YouTube for a lot of internal links so if Mr. G. is not honouring the nofollow attribute, why are they using it on one of their sites?
  • Mr. G. owns Blogger, the blogging host I'm currently using.  By default comments in Blogger are set to nofollow.  Again, why is Mr. G. using it on their site and by default letting every blogger using their services automatically use it?
Further consider that Mr. G. tends to promote using a particular tool then with very little commentary announce a year later that they will not longer acknowledge that particular tool.  They are constantly changing their minds and yet some of their announcements to changes in the algorithm can be shown to not be exactly as they say (eg. meta tags).  The problem is, Mr. G. is the biggest search engine so you do have to pay attention to them.  It's important not to have links or use bad hat SEO that could get your blog banned from their search engine.  Now if the nofollow tag is no longer being honoured by Mr. G. it becomes even more important to check all links in comments.  If in doubt strip the url from the comment.

Finally, through doing more research apparently the nofollow attribute tells search engines you either don't trust the link or you are not vouching for that link.  The bottom line is this is not the message I want to give any search engine this negative message with respect to my blogs.  Thank goodness I only used it on the links to blogs I author so removing the nofollow attribute wasn't a lot of work.  Once I removed the nofollow attribute I pinged the update so things should be back to normal and hopefully I don't make any more mistakes that Mr. G. doesn't like.


John | English Wilderness said...

Am I the only one who assumed Mr. G. is Mr. Gnome then got pretty confused! :-P

I only use rel=nofollow for user generated content, e.g. blog comments or pages on my wiki. I suppose it ought to be used for affiliate links, but I haven't got any of those :-)

I guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on the links if nofollow isn't honoured properly by Google :-(

Garden Gnome said...

LOL :) Well Mr. Gnome holds a bit more weight sometimes but when it comes to blogging Mr. G reigns. The whole nofollow issue is now quite confusing with Mr. G saying they aren't honouring the tag and other search engines honouring them. Using them may get less PR from Mr. G but a higher ranking in other search engines.

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