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Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh My Talk About De Je Vu

Talk about de je vu or karma's a bitch!  My most popular blog is my cooking blog so being on the naive side I sent in pictures of my food to three different  sites that feature food pictures with links back to your site.  At no time did any of them mention you had to be a professional food photographer!  All they said is you have to be a food blogger.  I don't have fancy photo equipment but the pictures I take of the food I make are real, down to earth and not staged.  I think they are rather good especially for an amateur.  So I got reject afer reject to the point I silently gave them the finger that says they are number one in my book then moved on.  Well a couple of days ago I got a comment on one of the posts with and your aren't going to believe this the url being directed back to one of these sites that are so handy with the reject button.  It does appear that my food is getting their attention at least enough to leave comment spam.  I took the high road by stripping the url and allowing the comment.  They are not going to get a free ride off of the hard work I do and they certainly are not going to feed off of my PR!  Since I still feel the same way towards them as I did before I gave them another one finger sallute with a bit of a sadistic chuckle!  Then I blogged about it :)

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