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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Should Blog Posts Be Edited Once They Have Been Posted?

As a new blogger it did not take me long to realize that anything I blogged about, any post could easily be edited quite some time after it had been posted.  Unlike other forms of publication, editing a blog post after it has been posted is very easy to do.  The question really become should you edit a blog post after it has been posted.  My answer to this is yes!  Why?

Blogging is still a new medium for expression and communication.  It continues to grow and evolve so just when you think you have figured out the rules they change.  That means in some cases you need to go back and add missing alt="" tags to images you used or correct the anchor text or even correct the information you presented because it has been shown to be wrong.  Additional labels may be needed on some posts as well.  Some even suggest that older blog posts should be edited from time to time just to get them back up higher into the SERPs.  By all means edit those posts!


John | Retro Programming said...

I'm always going back and editing old posts for a number of reasons, updating links, adding new information, correcting typos I ought to have spotted sooner, etc. :-)

However I hate it when a blogger posts something controversial then doctors the post after the event :-(

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