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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Announced Changes for Blogger

According to Blogger Buzz there a big changes underway for Blogger's user interface.  The changes will affect both the function and appearance of the dashboard and post editor.  The look is very streamlined with a bright, airy feel to it.  Gone are the familiar royal blue and beige tones.  In its place is a sleek pale grey and white colour scheme.  The Blogger orange still appears as an accent.  The editor is set up as a WYSIWYG white centre page on a pale grey background.  The preview function remains so you can see what the post actually will look like on your blog prior to publishing.  All of the post details (eg. labels, location, post options, and etc. have been moved to the top of the page in the post editor toolbar.  The tabs (eg. comments, settings and etc.) no longer appear and while nothing was said about them these functions are likely part of the expandable post editor toolbar.  Along with the design change comes added function with the inclusion of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) into the interface. 

So far I like what I see with the new design and function.  Some have already reported that the changes have already taken effect for them but this appears to be transient with going to the new design then reverting back to the old.  Blogger has indicated to expect more changes from this throughout 2011 so this should be a rather exciting year for those bloggers using the Blogger platform.  Here is a video clip of some of the current features with a peak preview of the new look.


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