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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Page Rank Update

I was doing my blog hopping for Adgitize yesterday when I came across a blog that mentioned Google had updated for the second time this month.  Well the major algorithm update that sent everyone into a tither didn't affect my blogs.  Their Page Rank remained the same.  So I mosied on over to check my Page Rank again just for the heck of it.  One of my blogs (this one) had been showing a PR NA but now shows PR 2 and my Canadian blog that was PR 0 went to PR 3.  My other blogs remained the same so while that is not exciting news it isn't bad news.

When the rumours were abound about the upcoming Google algorithm changes combined with the detailed analysis of the rel=nofollow implication with even greater implications of comments creating a drain, I had set about a bit of work well before the recent algorithm changes took effect.  Without revealing everything I've done, it looks like I might be on to something.  From what I have read, comments and all their associated problems are one key area to focus on because they can create a huge hole in your PR.  Some SEO experts are saying it is time to eliminate comments or at the very least strip comments of the links.  Comments though are only one part of the whole equation.  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be fine tuning what I see is working.  I love getting that organic traffic and knowing that reason is because of what I've done!  The higher PR is just icing on the cake :)


John | Daily Photo said...

I didn't realise about the update until I read it here :-)

One blog changed from PR0 to PR3.

The blog I moved from Blogspot (where it had PR3) to a custom domain still has PR0 :-(

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