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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging Persona

I have always blogged in my own persona meaning that I blog as if I were speaking not someone else.  This blogging style works best for me.  However, I have noticed that some bloggers do not blog as themselves.  Rather they blog as:

  • their pet - A surprising number of bloggers write blog posts as if they were their cat, dog, bird or any other pet they may have.  Cat bloggers seem to win hands down at this style.  While this is cute at first I think it would be hard to write this way consistently.  From a reader's perspective, this style does wear a bit thin after awhile or at least it does for me.  Besides the cat, dog or whatever is likely totally convinced that you are officially bonkers and will be dialing 911 to arrange a visit from the men in white coats for you.
  • their infant or young child - Writing through the eyes of a child can be charming but difficult to write consistently.  What is even worse is trying to convince readers it is your five year old writing the blog.  Honestly, I found one where that is the case.  So their 5 year old is taking all the pictured, doing the design and writing the content?  Each post is even signed by the kid.  Now what I don't understand is how a 5 year old got an Adsense account.  Would making your kid blog to earn money be considered child labour?  Just curious.
  • the happy, happy, joy, joy I'm so full of sunshine - I'm sorry, no one in real life is like this 100% of the time.  Readers are real people who will see through this phony writing style quicker than you can blink an eye and they will move on.  It wears thin very quickly.  It's not that readers don't want to read positive and up beat posts, it's they want to read posts that show you are human.  They want to be able to relate in some way as to what you are writing about.  Sometimes that means the world is not just one great big bundle of joy.  
  • the insufferable know-it all - There is a sub-population in the blogosphere that for whatever reason are know-it-alls.  This goes well beyond arrogance though and in fact has little to do with actual knowledge.  What drives it is the all mighty dollar in the form of paid posts and/or reviews.  One day you read theri blog and they know everything about personal injury lawyers in the US even though it is clear they have never been to the US then the next day they are recommending HVAC repairmen in Chicago followed by well saged parental advice even though they aren't parents.   They are the leading expert in any topic that anyone will give them a few pennies to blog about.   Bless their little hearts!   The blogosphere is certainly a much better place given their extensive knowledge base.
  • the enterprising entrepreneur - A large number of bloggers monetize their blogs to some degree, some more than others.  There are some bloggers that despite all evidence insist they are making a good living from their blog(s).  They tend to be the "I'm setting the world on fire and you can too" mixed with a healthy dose of "pie in the sky" type.  Their blogs are filled with ads and affiliate links.  Quality content is pretty much non-existent although they do like to show proof of payment from their affiliates.  I'm sorry but proof an affiliate paid out $2.50 is not going to convince me I can make a living doing what you're doing.  Again readers tire very quickly of this persona.  It takes all of about a week to realize you aren't going to get rich blogging. 


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