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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Once Again on the Comment Front

I established quite early in my blogging days of how I would deal with comments.  Yesterday a reader left a comment on one of my blogs along with an in post link to his supporting argument against my post.  Being open minded I went to read his post and lo and behold within the first paragraph of his argument was a lovely rant over online newspapers and bloggers not posting his comments.  Now this person is articulate and presents a rather interesting side to the issue BUT it is executed poorly.  What he failed to follow is the old adage don't bite the hand that feeds you.  In this case he wants his voice heard through online newspapers and blogs but has no problem ranting against both.  Here's how I see it.

  • newspapers - The custom has been that readers can send in letters to the editor.  The editor can at his or her discretion post the letter as is, edit then publish the letter or simply ignore the letter.  The editor is under no legal obligation to print any letter they receive.  They do not have to give you a reason as to why they did not publish your letter.  In fact, if they post a letter it is to their advantage.  They are either using the letter to strengthen their viewpoint or strike up a bit of controversy which it turn may increase their readership.  The letters really become fodder for the editors because they may give leads as to what to focus on or where to look for their next story.  The same rules apply to online versions of any newspaper including their blogs or comment sections below articles.  They can and will remove any comment they deem unfit without further explanation.  That is their right!
  • blogs - Blog is short form for weblog which is what blogs in their true form as conceived were.   They are a way of sharing your thoughts and sharing information in a chronological output.  There were no comments then but commenting has become a huge aspect of blogging now.  For the most part comments help to add content to your blog but they are not without problems.  The bottom line is a blogger is not legally obligated to publish any comment they receive on their blog.  In fact, as a result of recent changes to Googles algorithm some SEO experts are recommending not allowing comments on blogs.  Comments may or may not whether or not they are publish become blog fodder for the blogger.  Those bloggers not using comment moderation have every right to remove any comment they deem unfit for their blogs without further explanation.  That is their right!
Readers of both newspapers and blogs need to understand that just because you comment doesn't mean that comment is going to show up.  Publishing comments for either is not a legal obligation or right.  If you leave a comment of either to find it wasn't published perhaps the editor or blogger took offense to it in some fashion.  Realize this and move on.


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