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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Page Rank Frenzy

Google's algorithm change was announce the last week of February and already it is the buzz across the blogosphere.  Even though the greatest impact was and still will be felt amongst the content farms, some bloggers have seen their Page Rank decrease.    Well, every one is in a blogging tizzy about PR so I might as well follow suit. 

Too many bloggers are putting too much emphasis on PR rather than blogging.  I cannot believe what a big deal this is for some.  If you are doing everything right and your blog is still showing in Google search results, then relax and blog.  Forget about PR.  If your content is good, you will get noticed by search engines.  Follow the rules for webmasters as set by Google and you shouldn't have any problems.  In perspective, the algorithm change was meant to give lower ratings to content farms not bloggers who are simply doing their own thing.  Just make sure the content is original and if you use something like a video from YouTube write a meaningful commentary on it.  In this case content really is king so make it count.


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