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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Search Engine Rumour

A few days ago I was doing a bit of SEO reading and came across an article that said one of the best ways to get noticed by the top three search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) is to link to them.  Apparently they will reward you with a little search results and quicker indexing if you do.  Like many bloggers I have a Google search box on all of my blogs and my blog feeds go into My Yahoo.  Whether these two measures constitutes linking to the search engines is rather doubtful.  It is linking to them but they are rather weak links, in my opinion.  What I got from this article was the same conclusion that linking to their search engine is good but linking to an actual search engine result from them is better especially if it is worked into your post.   For example, on one of my blogs I was writing about arnica cream.  I had to search myself to get all the details so what I should have done was use arnica cream as the anchor text for the actual search engine results.  I honestly do not know if this method works but as long as you don't over do it then it does seem reasonable that a bit of traffic love would come back.


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