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Friday, April 8, 2011

Advertising Budget

At some point I realized that in order to make a bit of money with my blogs I had to do paid advertising.  Essentially the goal of paid advertising is to gain exposure for your blog that leads to increased traffic.  There are several 'free' ways to do this but all involve time and for some of them that time can really add up to the point it is actually better to pay for the advertising than waste time mindlessly clicking.  Once I decided to start with paid advertising it was important for me to set some type of a budget.  How?

I started with BlogExplosion to initally boost traffic.  It was free and it worked to build that initial traffic.  Then I moved on to Entrecard which was also free.  When I left Entrecard it was time to move to paid advertising.  I set my advertising budget at $30 per month which is about 15% of my monthly blogging income.  Why 15% and not some other percentage?  The reason is with frugal advertising and promoting you do not need to spend a lot of money, what you need to do is spend your advertising dollars where they are going to be most effective. 

I went to CMFAds and Adgitize where between the two I pay about $19 per month.  At that price I am left with $11 to spend on any other advertising necessary.  The $30 budget is tight and I do have to be frugal as to how it is used but it works quite effectively.  Ideally I would love to advertise the snot out of all of my blogs but the reality is the highest paying blog gets the lion's share of the advertising.  There are some months though that I don't fully spend my $30 budget.  The excess stays in my advertising account where it accumulates until I have enough to do any experimental advertising I may be interested in trying.


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