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Friday, April 15, 2011

Anonymous Comments

Blogger allows you set your comments so anonymous readers can comment.  There is a benefit to doing so in that those readers who do not wish to set up a Blogger or Google account can still comment on your blog.  In this respect it encourages readers without these accounts to comment.  The negative side to allowing anonymous comments is just that "anonymous".

I have a habit of sitting down with my morning coffee to check my email.  Since all blog comments are moderated I get an email notice of comments that need to be moderated.  I honestly dread the anonymous comments that range from sincere comments to venomous bile to blatant spam.  Thankfully in my case across my blogs, the norm is sincere comments.  However, being a victim of an online stalker I have had my share of the venomous bile.  Blatant spam just comes with the territory regardless of whether comments are moderated or not.  Trust me it does absolutely no good for your blogging mood to have to deal with three or four nasty comments before your eyes are officially opened for the day.  It just really sets the day off on a bad note. 

So the dilemma is, do you allow anonymous comments?  So far my answer remains yes BUT only if you are using comment moderation.  With comment moderation at worst only your day will be off to a bad start rather than your readers who sit down to enjoy you blog as a way to start their day.  In the big picture though, any anonymous comment you don't want on your blogs can easily be rejected so yes keep the anonymous comments coming!


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