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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Bad Start Blogging Day

I was up late last night so got a bit of a late start this morning, not that I needed a late start as I have a lot to accomplish in about a third of the time due to prior time commitments.  So I make a coffee, sit down to the computer thinking I can polish off a few posts, get Adgitize over and done with, tend to CMF, and catch-up on FrontierVille and CityVille.  Then it happened!

FrontierVille and CityVille were being pissy loading something that is rather normal.  Everyone is in a tither over changes to expansions in CityVille so I checked the forums quickly hoping the games would load.  Then I checked StatCounter to see that four of my six blog had 0 as in zero visitors.  My mouth went dry as I quickly went to Google to check that those blogs were still indexed.  They are so this had to have been a StatCounter glitch and sure enough a couple of hours later all was somewhat well in that some visits were being counted yet others weren't.  In the meantime, I finished two posts then moved on to my third.  I had paid for my Adgitize and CMF advertising in the wee hours of the morning so checked for any ads I had to approve then started the tedious job of clicking 51 ads for Adgitize.  Sorry, but I'm suffering click fatigue aggravated by my finicky satellite connection.  It takes forever to get those 51 ads clicked and there is one ad there but I'm not sure which blog it is causes Camino to crash every single time meaning a restart of Camino wasting more precious time.  Then clicking all those ads invariably causes me to be FAPed by my satellite service slowing me down to dial-up speed for the remainder of the hour.   In dealing with that I worked on a couple more posts.  All in all it was a bad start to a rather short blogging day.  So much for getting a bit ahead...


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