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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Feedback

It never ceases to amaze me that regardless what you do with your blog, the opinions of others are very much free flowing.  Now it would be one thing if I were asking for the feedback but why some think they are entitled to give their opinion even when not asked for it is beyond me.  It's nice to ask the opinion of loyal followers from time to time usually via a poll but the reality is the ultimate decision-making with respect to what is done or not done on a blog is solely at the blogger's discretion. 

I play a couple of Facebook games.  The developers have a forum where problems and feedback can be given.  Despite a huge uproar over a few recent changes, the developers continue on their path without wavering over the changes.  It may or rather it has caused them to lose paying players but they are not changing their decision.  Quite frankly asking for players' feedback then not responding to it simply ticks off the players.  It would be better if the developers simply made the changes without asking for feedback.  So it is with blogging.

If you don't want feedback on changes made to your blog then just make the changes and say nothing.  Don't give the opportunity for feedback through polls, questionnaires or questions.  Some will still insist on emailing you privately expressing their opinions about any changes but that can be easily solved with the delete button or a polite reply.  If however, you ask for your reader's feedback you do have to be prepared to make some of the suggested changes or at the very least acknowledge the suggestions.  It's also important to realize that you can't please everyone.  Some blog decisions you make might not be popular but they might be the best thing for your blog so make these changes without asking for feedback.