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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Click Fatigue

Early in my blogging days I discovered BlogExplosion as a traffic generating site.  The premise was for every blog you visited you got .5 points (2:1 ratio)  The points could then be converted to visits to your blog.  The more you clicked the more points you could convert into visits.  In addition there were other activities on their site that would earn you visits by clicking.  Then I discovered Entrecard and it wasn't long before I was up to 300 clicks per day.  I left Entrecard a little over two years ago and now scratch my head wondering how I ever did that many clicks on a daily basis.  Over the years I have tried traffic exchanges with their form of clicking and now Adgitize and CMF both of which have their click options.  I'm seriously tired of clicking.  The problem with all click programs is the reward is not high enough especially when you consider the time commitment.

It would take me a good 8 hours to get my Entrecard clicks done throughout the day due to my connection and yet after all that hard work as soon as I stopped clicking the traffic dried up.  Traffic exchanges are great but if you don't click you don't get traffic although some offer the option to buy hits aka traffic or advertising using banner or badge.  Adgitize and CMF are a bit different in that you can buy advertising then clicking ads is optional BUT to effectively use either program, clicking ads is a must.  I'm sorry but at this point I am clicked out, suffering from major click fatigue.  There's got to be a better way to get traffic than waste time clicking...

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