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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comment Clean-up Report

My gosh, when I first thought of doing a spring clean-up for my comments across all of my blogs little did I know it would take over a day for the first one.  My cooking blog had 2,726 comments when I started which isn't bad after a 5 year period.  After cleaning I was down to 2,515 comments.  Of those cleared 74 were blatant spam and 11 were dead links.  All in all it was an exercise in patience and believe me it did take time to go through all the posts.  I left any comments that had the url pointing to the Blogger profile.  This may be a project for another day to delete any comments that go to dead Blogger profile links.  As it stands I reduced the outflow by 211 meaning I tightened up my PR outflow rate by 211 so that really isn't bad.  I will be curious as to how this affects PR at the next update but anytime you reduce the flow out of your blog it is always favourable towards increasing PR.  So I'm off to clean-up the comments of my other blogs.


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