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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Comment Clean-up

When I first started blogging my tolerance level for acceptable blog comments was considerably higher than it is now as a seasoned blogger.  Back then I think I was just so happy to get a comment that as long as it wasn't blatant comment spam, I would approve it.  Now it is quite apparent that was the wrong approach with Matt Cutt's explanation as to how comments can negatively affect Page Rank.  As part of my blog spring cleaning I am going back through all of these earlier blog comments and deleting those that are borderline spam aka PR suckers. 

This is not a difficult task but will be time consuming given I've been blogging five years now and have six blogs to clean comments from.  Blogger makes this easier in that you can go to a listing of all blog comments then check which ones you want to delete.  I knew this option was there but used only sporadically.  I doubt this kind of spring cleaning is going to have a profound affect on my blogs' PR but every little bit does help and why give a backlink to a borderline spammer?


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