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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Comment Saga Continues

The nice thing about authoring your own blog is you get to make all the decisions and if need be modify those decisions.  Four days ago I was so ticked off at comment spam that I disabled comments on all of my blogs.  What I didn't bank on was loyal followers wanting to leave comments.  So today I am enabling comments again on my blogs BUT they will remain hidden have a capatcha as a deterrent for comment spam for the time being.  I think this is the best solution for now.  It should be effective when comment spammers realize their comments will not be seen at all.  It removes the time necessary to strip the urls from borderline comment spams but I'm going to be a lot more aggressive with the delete button anyway.  Yet it allows readers to easily comment which is what they are asking for.  At some point once I get the comments tightened up I will put them back to show remove the capatcha.  And so the comment saga continues...