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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does Blog Post Timing Matter?

The astute reader of three of my blogs will know that something is going on behind the scenes if they don't see a new post by 7 AM EST/EDT.  Why did I choose this time and does it really matter?  First I chose 7 AM my time because I'm normally up between 5 AM and 7 AM so I like to do a bit of surfing while enjoying my morning coffee.  It seemed reasonable to me that my family and friends who read my blogs would enjoy reading at this time as well given many of them live in the same time zone.  In the big picture does timing of posts actually matter?

Unless you are writing a paid post for an affiliate that has stipulated a deadline as to when the post should go live, the answer is no.  The other restriction although it is not rigid is there should be 24 hours between each post for the search engines, especially Google.  Technically multiple posts over a 24 hour period will not present a problem but if your blog feed goes to multiple sites (eg. Twitter, Facebook) to announce new posts, it could easily be viewed as spamming that could get you into hot water with those sites.

Honestly the internet is on 24/7 which means timing seriously goes out the window.  Now if you have a lot of readers from a certain time zone then you might want to post so they go live during a convenient time, say before the morning starts or during the first coffee break of the day.  Other than that, don't worry about what time your post goes live.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

In the past couple of weeks I've notice a huge shift in the time of my most traffic. Used to be highest in the evening hours of my zone EDT. Now it's huge in the morning hours, and just a trickle in the evening. Weird.

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