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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Great Entrecard Experiment

I posted a couple of weeks back about advertising with Entrecard.  All I wanted was advertising only, no adding a widget to my blog, no time commitment dropping card, nothing other than advertising.  I signed up as a sponsor on Entrecard then paid my $10, uploaded my ad and waited for the outcome.  The $10 was enough for my ad to run from April 7 to 15, so about 8 days.  I received 165 visits at a CPC of $0.0606.  So how does this compare to the other blog advertisers?

Adgitize costs $14 for a 31 day ad  that will give about 54 visits per day for a total of 1,581 per month at a CPC cost of $0.0088.  CMF spike give 50 hits for 20¢ at a CPC of $0.004.  Some TEs will get the CPC down to about $0.0015.  In perspective then Entrecard is the highest priced blog advertising.  I can't say it was any more effective than Adgitize or CMF both of which are extremely effective.  What I can say is even as advertiser only Entrecard did result in a slight increase in bounce rate on the tested blog.  In all honesty I was happy with the way the ad worked but the bottom line is running an ad on Entrecard is a bit too expensive.  This will be a resource I keep available for running special promotions from time to time but not one I use on a regular basis.


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