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Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Interesting Comment Observation

During my recent comment clean-out I noticed that a large number of the comments have an url www.blogger.com/profile/[user profile number].  The reason for this is Blogger allows a reader to post a comment using their Google profile if that option is checked under the comments.  In reality this lets the user's avator to be used so it is a bit of branding but other than that gives no real benefits.  With respect to my cooking blog that I just cleaned out from 2,726 to 2,515 I would hazard a guess that about half of the remaining comments have a Blogger profile url.  I don't know how this affects Page Rank or if Google who owns Blogger doesn't factor this in.  I suspect they may otherwise it would be a huge drain on any Blogger hosted blog but we aren't seeing that with Blogger blogs that have a large number of comments.  This does leave me with wondering how to deal with these comments though.  I guess what I will do is go back and remove any comment that leads to a dead profile link as that will help but my gosh it is a lot of work.  It would be nice if a Blogger profile link goes dead associated comments are automatically gone but I suppose some would complain about this not realizing any time a link from your blog goes to a dead end is not a good thing.


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