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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Issue of Daily Posting

I have been working hard to ensure three of my six blogs have a daily post and was working towards a daily post on the other three but that ideal has gone somewhat by the wayside.  There are both positives and negatives associated with writing daily blog posts.  I will stress that I do not write blog posts daily but rather write posts that are scheduled to run daily.  Here are a few that I've found:

  • positives
    • content - Daily blog posts are an excellent way to add content to a blog.  The more content the better in the eyes of the search engines.
    • interest - Adding new content daily keeps readers interested in your blog.  They are more likely to visit often if they know you update daily.
    • working dynamic - Surprisingly I find writing daily posts considerably easier than on my blogs that don't have daily posts.  The reason being is the blogs with daily posts become a working dynamic with one post triggering the topic for the next post.
    • increases search engine indexing - Like it or not, daily blog posting increases the rate at which search engines index your blog(s).  I quickly learned this very quickly. 
  • negatives
    • blogger's block - Struggling to write enough daily posts (365) for one blog is daunting enough.  Writing daily posts for three blogs at 1,095 in addition to writing regular posts for my other three blogs is enough to give anyone blogger's block.  It seems like the more I press the more often I experience blogger's block and yet there are days I never really thought of writing yet the words flow freely.
    • adds pressure - The problem with daily blog posts is they add a certain level of pressure.  I actually feel a bit of panic when I realize that a scheduled post did not go live because of a glitch with Blogger.  This happens from time to time and is easily remedied if I'm home to deal with it but realizing what happened about 11:30 PM in the motel room, it's pretty much too late.  The bottom line is most readers don't care if I miss a day other than friends or family who may leave a comment on my Facebook wall.  The only one bothered in this case is me.


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