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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Mr/Mrs Anonymous

I'm just a bit more than ticked off today and in some ways that is good.  You see I have been in a blogging funk since mid-February so any blogging I've managed to do has been with considerable effort.  I have all of my blogs set to accept all comments from anyone including 'anonymous' despite the fact I picked up an online stalker.  The reason being is my experience has been most anonymous comments are questions pertaining to a post I made with only a minority being pain in the butt comments. 

Well this past week, I have no idea what the heck crawled up Mr or Mrs Anonymous' butt but apparently they thought that leaving nasty comments on one of my blogs was their entertainment.  Aside of the fact that they aren't quite as anonymous as they think they are and the fact that their comments will never see the light of day on my blogs doesn't seem to bother them.  I have a couple of ways of dealing with this.  First I can file a complaint with their ISP.  Second I can eliminate the possibility of any anonymous comments on my blogs or third I could eliminate commenting from my blogs entirely.  OR I can use the undisclosed method I am utilizing to deal with this piece of $%^. 

I've had it with anonymous commenters that think they can say anything or be as rude or insulting as they wish just because they think they are anonymous.  As if they have a right to come on to my blog and say what they want.  My blog is exactly that 'my blog'.  I'm just saying...


John said...

I feel sorry for them if they have nothing better to do. They must lead a pretty boring life.

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