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Friday, April 1, 2011

Out of Blogging Sorts

Life has a way of throwing curve balls which means many of the non-essential tasks get put off until the crisis de jour has passed.  Blogging is one such task that gets put off if something is a bit more pressing for my attention.  Lately I have been out of blogging sorts due to my leg injury back in February.  I'm surprised at how much this threw me out of kilter not just with respect to blogging but cooking and everything else.  Not only did I not feel much like writing, I quickly found my blog fodder drying up.  Honestly, it is hard to write a cooking blog if you aren't doing much in the way of cooking!  It also didn't help that I discovered a couple of games on Facebook that I really enjoy.  Then the weather hasn't been co-operating leaving me little blog fodder for my gardening blog, and so it goes.  I really am in a blogging funk!  I need to find a bit of blogging mojo to get a few much needed posts written and get back into the swing of things. 

I'm almost in panic mode as my husband has already set the dates for our extended vacation.  It's going to be rather interesting with flying out to one destination for a week in back home for a day and a half then off to our vacation home for a couple of weeks.  That means I need to do a bit of extra blog posts now to schedule while we are gone otherwise I will be trying to blog there.  Blogging at our vacation home is not a huge issue although I will have less time with sight seeing and all the other fun stuff we do.  Blogging at our first destination will be only is absolutely have to.  Even though I will have online access there, we will be going almost non-stop 24/7.  Needless to say I have my work cut out for me so had best find that mojo PDQ!


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