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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogger Picture Upload

Yesterday I uploaded a picture for one of my blogs.  The entire photo upload pop-up was changed so perhaps this means that Blogger is finally unrolling their much talked about upgrade.  They do seem to be taking their time with the new upgrade.  I think I reported it here almost two months ago and yet still aside of the picture upload change have seen nothing.  Here's hoping we see the much promised update from Blogger very soon!


Sharkbytes said...

Hey- I thought you disabled comments? Anyway, I have not seen a new box for picture uploads. Interesting, eh?

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Sharkbytes :) Disabling comments turned out to be a failure as readers wanting to comment simply started emailing me directly. So I enabled them again and dusted off my delete button.

It appears Blogger is unrolling the changes slowly over various regions. I have the new picture box but not the new edit window yet. Some already have it.

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