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Monday, May 2, 2011

In the News

I was online last night finishing up  bit when the first tweets of Osama Bin Laden started coming through.  I immediately turned on the news statying up considerably later than I had planned.  I've had the news on all day.  Guaranteed his death will be the blog topic of choice today!  Unless you have a niche blog like a couple of mine (eg. cooking, gardening) bloging about the in the news of the day can be extremely effective.

Ideally the time to blog about in the news topics is as they are happening or as close as possible to the event.  Then if there are developing updates blog those as well as they happen.  Blogging about them even as lat as twelve hours later is almost pointless.  The reason being as soon as the news hits in the media folks are turning to the search engines.  The sooner you are blogging about it the more organic traffic you will get from those searches.

In the news posts are very much a hit an run thing.  You want the post out to get the attention but you don't want to talk about it to the point you bore your readers.  It's important to get that first post out before your readers are inudated with sensory overkill from other media sources as well.  It's a good idea to ping as soon as you make that post as well to get it indexed by the search engines as soon as possible.


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