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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Internet Connections

When I first started blogging I was on dial-up service.  It was the only internet service available in that rural location.  A few years ago we moved to our primary location where we had the choice of satellite internet or dial-up.  Satellite internet is faster than dial-up but in no way comparable to DSL or highspeed broadband like I can get when traveling or at our vacation home.  The internet connection does make a huge difference in what I can accomplish in a day.  It will take close to the entire morning at home (satellite) to do my Adgetize drops and yet at our vacation home it takes under 20 minutes.  That's with distractions being fairly close to the same!  I can wait 5 minutes or more for Blogger to load at home and yet at our vacation home it is almost instantaneous.  There is no doubt about it that the internet connection speed affects my blogging.


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