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Monday, May 16, 2011

On Vacation

We vacation for about three months of the year divided mainly between three time periods - spring, fall and winter.  Summer is spent at home in our vacation-like setting.  Blogging and vacationing can work but it is work if you know what I mean.  For shorter vacations I try to pre-schedule blog posts but for longer vacations it is almost impossible especially with six blogs.  Last year I really tried the pre-schedule route and while it worked reasonably well then it hasn't this year.  I think though being off base on blogging with my injury and everything else going on has really affected that.  This year I'm simply not on my blogging game plan so I've decided to go with the flow.  I'm seriously blogging on the fly and somehow it is working.

The airports have free Wi-Fi which really makes that wait time productive.  I can easily edit pictures while on the plane so that when we get to our destination all I have to do is upload them to Blogger and write the post. I have Photoshop Elements on the laptop that is a bit stripped down from my Photoshop CS at home but was able to add my custom made brushes making photo editing almost as easy as at home.  I can easily download my camera so essentially even in Las Vegas I was able to carry on as normal.  It was nice too because when I felt like a little down time I just headed up to our room to do a bit of blogging and other online activities like CityVille.  I'm finding this style of vacation blogging a bit more enjoyable!


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