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Monday, May 23, 2011

Potential Adsense Ad Conflict

Many bloggers are using Adgitize, CMF Ads and Entrecard as traffic building advertising networks.  In some ways all could be a grey area with respect to Adsense as to whether they are technically traffic exchanges.  Of the ones mentioned, Adgitize is the closest to not being a traffic exchange,  CMF Ads is borderline with the spikes and Entrecard is the closest.  However, none meet the definition of a true traffic exchange like BlogExplosion that offered a 2:1 ratio meaning for every two blogs you visited in their system you received one visit in return.  Regardless of whether at some point Adsense will rule these blog ad networks as traffic exchanges remains to be seen.  However, there is another problem with these ad networks that could get you into hot water with Adsense.

In the interests of maximizing the earning money potential using the ad networks there is a tendency for some bloggers to accept all ads.  This is the worst thing you can do.  The TOS for Adsense are quite clear.  You cannot promote alcohol, gambling, pornography or sexually explicit material, paid to click sites, as well as a few other things.  In looking at some of the sites being advertised in all of these ad networks there are ads that are against the TOS for Adsense so they should not be running on your blog if you are running Adsense ads.  Any site for an ad in the ad networks should be checked to be sure it is not promoting paid to click sites as in their affiliate link or banner, and the site should be checked to be sure it is not against the TOS for Adsense.

This does not mean you have to give up using these blog ad networks unless Adsense clearly indicates otherwise.  What it means is you have to be careful where that ad points to.  Reject any ads that do not conform to the TOS for Adsense then relax and enjoy the benefits the blog ad networks can bring.  Never set new ads to automatically run on your blog when using a blog ad network and don't use a blog ad network where you don't have the option of rejecting ads.


EdZee said...

I came into this blog through CMF Spikes where all of your six (6) blogs are advertised. I am sorry to say that I consider CMF Spikes as really a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) site and dangerous. Blog advertisers pay and all clicks to their sites are recorded as coming from only one site, cmfads.com (the same is true for Entrecard and Adgitize).

However, the new Fireworks and the modified Classic Ads of CMF are now different from the other blog advertising outfits. The clicks on these CMF Ads are now recorded by site monitors as coming from the blogs where the CMF Fireworks and Classic ads are hosted.

The unique visits that CMF Ads (Spikes not included) give to its advertisers should be good for blog promotion and traffic generation.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi EdZee and thanks for visiting. I had not considered the spikes to be PPC but what you are saying makes a lot of sense. Whether Google considers it PPC is a grey area though. Honestly CMF, Adgitize and EC are all grey areas with Google not saying much as to whether they are allowed or not. I'm currently trying out the new Fireworks on one of my blogs. I will have to look into running more classic ads there. Thanks for the tip.

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