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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shields Up!

I do the majority of my online activity on an iMac so don't worry about viruse, trojans and other malware unless I'm using my husband's PC laptop.  Back when I was on a PC desktop the mantra was practice safe hex.  During our recent vacation, I had to use the laptop.  To me it seems slow and sluggish but in fairness it is an older laptop.  I was doing my Adgitize drop when AVG anti-virus was triggered for one of the member's site as having malware.  Needless to say I did not go to that blog even though I had been there several times on the Mac.  That incident was beneficial as it reminded me to run a scan on the laptop.  Lo and behold a trojan had been picked up since the last scan!  I cleared that, updated the definitions then ran a full scan again.  The laptop is now clean again.  This is a good reminder to keep the anti-virus definitions up to date and run the scans often.  When I was active in Entrecard one of the biggest complaints was picking up viruses from other members and some of them were rather nasty.  To date I had not heard of this happening much with Adgitize.  One member suspected getting a virus from another member in Adgitize but I don't recall if that was ever confirmed.  However, with AVG triggered it is apparent there is the potential for these types of problems so stay prepared just in case.  


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