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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Vacation Dilemna

I started blogging back in early 2006.  Three weeks after getting my first two blogs ups and running we were off on vacation for two weeks.  Back then, blogging was new and I was still feeling things out so daily posts were not an issue.  I was aiming for daily posts but if they didn't happen I didn't get too worried about it.  I honestly thought that I could find and internet cafe in Las Vegas to pop into and perhaps make a post or two.  Apparently those beasts were just starting to die down there and quite frankly there was a lot more to see and do than sit in an internet cafe anyway.   The following year I took my husband's laptop.  At that time the motel charged $8.99 per day so I reasoned spending that for internet for a day rather than in the machines would be money well spent.  The next year we had two extended vacations but Wi-Fi was available.  I had the laptop and the iPod Touch to use but by then Blogger had introduced scheduled blog posts. 

Scheduled blog posts are awesome!  Essentially you right a post whenever you have time then scheduled to go live when you want.  This was what I thought an ideal solution to my blogging dilemna.  However, the logisitcs of writing enough scheduled blog posts for six blogs over the span we would be away was a bit more work than anticipated.  In perspective for a 10 day vacation I needed 72 posts written in advance to cover the time period away plus a day on each end.  When we bought the vacation home and knowing we would be away for a month or so at a time, well relying solely on pre-scheduling was no longer an option.  I had no choice but to come up with alternative solutions.

We fly if going to Las Vegas, and either fly or drive when going to our vacation home.  If we fly, I take the laptop and iPod touch.  There's free internet at the airport and since there always seems to be a long wait time, I amuse myself by writing a blog post or two.  If we drive I know I have internet service wherever we stop for the night.  The nice thing is I can relax and do a couple of things online while enjoying my morning coffee before getting on the road again.  If we are at our vacation home I have full internet service so life goes on as normal and I can blog if and when I have the time.  I did cost me to set up the laptop for Photoshop Elements and while I'd rather have the full version of Photoshop that I'm used to working with on my main computer, it works for my needs when away plus I can use some of my custom made brushes.  I also found that when driving to our vacation home, my main computer (iMac) travels just as easily as the laptop.  Regardless of which computer I'm using I can still upload pictures and edit them for blogging purposes.  Essentially blogging continues pretty much the same on vacation as it does when I'm home but on a lower scale.


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