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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adgitize Changes Effective July 1, 2011

Adgitize has decided to go back to their original business plan effective July 1, 2011.  The 2010 Summer Promotion will end reducing revenue earning potential.  Forum points, something I did take advantage of but never agreed with are ending.  Advertisers placing a second or third ad will earn 100 points each so that is a positive change.  Adgitize is citing the number of ads in the system diminishing as the reason for the changes.

The changes are going to result in a few things.  First off there were some members in Adgitize there solely for earning money.  At best you might have been able to earn $7 per month as advertiser and somewhere around $4 per month as publisher only.  In the big picture neither amount is worth much, not even enough to pay a utility bill.  Yet there was continued pressure on Adgitize to increase the earning potential which really was impossible with decreasing advertisers.  The number of advertisers likely decreased due to a combination of current economic times mixed with basic economics.  Now if I run one ad and am active daily I can get a payout of $21 which nets $7 after paying for advertising.  The problem is many of the publishers don't pay for the advertising but rather they simply take from the system.  A system cannot exist if the takers exceed the contributors.  That is what is happeing with Adgitize, a system that was never designed to be a money making machine.

How will this change my advertising with Adgitize? - I currently run two ads on Adgitize at a cost of $28 per month.  Through active participation I get back about $22 per month meaning my advertising costs me $6.  Monetarily Adgitize costs me money each month.  The problem is the announced changes are bound to reduce membership which translates into less traffic that I'm paying for.  I really like Adgitize so I don't want to see them struggling.  I will continue to support them to see where these changes lead but I'm already looking for alternatives should performance lessen.


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