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Monday, June 13, 2011

Adgitize Worries

A few days ago Ken Brown, owner of Adgitize a blog advertising network announced they were going to go back to their old model which essentially would see active advertisers if they were lucky earn enough money to pay for their ad. At that time he said the summer promotion wasn't working, the extra points awarded for posting in the forums wasn't getting the results and they needed 200 advertisers in the system to stay afloat. He indicated there was 160 something members. A couple of days later another member posted that there were only 134 advertisers in the system then that dropped to 127 yesterday. When I checked the reports today I didn't see anything further about reduced advertisers but rather a contest offering free advertising to the winner. Let me tell you why this worries me:

  • Adgitize is showing decrease effectiveness and one only has to turn to their stats to see that.  I am currently paying $28 for two ads but not getting the traffic two ads should bring.  My second ad is up for renewal on June 17 but I won't be renewing it.  I refuse to pay for advertising that is not working.
  • Members are leaving Adgitize and whether or not it is because of the recent changes the fact is the membership is decreasing which translates into reduced traffic for my money spent in advertising.
  • The contest itself is biased.  Sorry to Ken and his team but it is and while I don't think it was intentionally biased it still is biased.  The contest is going to drive a few more advertisers away as a result of the bias.  More importantly the contest is sending a 'last ditch effort to save the fort' message.  A contest is not going to bring new advertisers to Adgitize.  It is not going to do anything other than tick off a few of the remaining advertisers.  It's not like the bias wasn't happening to begin with, it was the bias was overlooked and now with this contest it is smack right in your face!  It is not a good sigh of what is happening at Adgitize.  It does not build confidence in the members that have remained loyal to Adgitize and in some ways it feels like a down right sell out.
In the real world children pick up their ball and go home when they get tired of dealing with playground antics.  Adults do the same thing.  Advertisers take their hard earned dollars elsewhere.  I'm just saying the way things are going there are better, more effective sources for my $14 to to towards than renewing that ad....


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