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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Backgrounds

I love blog hopping not only to read interesting posts but to see how other bloggers present their blogs.  Blog backgrounds in particular interest me.  The popular colour of choice for the centre panel if a centre panel is used is white with the next colour of choice being a pale neutral (eg. grey, beige).  The reason for this is white or pale neutral with dark text is easier to read.  I've seen very few blogs with dark backgrounds with light text.  Some blogs don't use the centre panel design but rather a simple solid background again white or pale neutral.  Now here's where it gets interesting.

Bloggers using the centre panel design can get rather creative with the background the centre panel is on.  The scrapbooking trend has really affected the choice of the main background.  Now it is common to see some bloggers using actual photographs as the main background.  I took this approach with one of my blogs.  The effect can be quite striking depending on the picture chosen.  I like main backgrounds that reflect a bit about the blog without overpowering it.  Those using the Blogger platform can easily change the main background using 'layout' or 'design'.  With the exception of this blog, I made the main backgrounds for my blogs.  It is surprising quite easy to do using image editing software. 


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