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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can You???

I have a seriously wicked sense of humour even though it does not always come across on my blog posts.  So I'm doing my blog hops and came across a blog post about taking the highroad.  My husband and I are big into taking the highroad so I stopped to read the post.  Now here is my question.  Can you take the highroad while calling the object of your anger a douchebag?  This honestly was a post by a very respectable blogger so I was quite surprise by the post itself.  Obviously the blogger was a tad ticked, a position I have found myself in on more than one occasion.  I could even use that term for a few people I know although my current favourite term for them is 'dumbass' but I have no problem using the term 'fucknugget' and they are but they don't know, I don't want to tell them they are and don't blog about the fact they are but they are.  Somehow dumbass sounds nicer than douchebag  and more refined than fucknugget but that could just be my perception.  At any rate I do find it funny when someone blogs about the dumbasses in their life while taking the 'highroad'.  See if you are going to blog about the dumbass there seriously is no highroad to take although pictures might be a nice touch.  My dumbasses aren't all that photogenic and I don't want to waste space on my camera card or photo editing time so I don't do that and aside of this post I haven't blogged about them.  They are precious though :)  Some things are better off not blogged about even if it is good blog fodder but honestly if you are going to rant, rave or accuse others of being a douchebag or dumbass don't pretent to take the hightroad.  Be honest!  BTW. I firmly believe that Dalaton McGuinty (Premier of Ontario) is both a douchebag and dumbass as well as being a fucknugget but I would never take the highroad when talking about him.  I'm just saying...


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