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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Check How Your Blog Looks on Different Browsers

When I first started blogging I used Mozilla for my browser.  It honestly did not dawn on me to check what my blogs looked like on different browsers.  Then I switched over to using Mac and Camino.  My blogs looked slightly different so I started checking how they looked on different browsers.  Sometimes a script that loads perfectly fine on one or more browsers creates a problem with another.  From time to time I see notations on blogs like 'this site is best viewed using Netscape' or similar.  Now, my opinion is these notations are not necessary as your blog should be optimized to load on any browser although some browsers may do a bit better job than others.  There are a number of browsers available now so it is not feasible to have an updated copy of every browser on your computer.  Still from time to time, I check to see how my blogs are loading using other browsers through friends and family.  If I notice a problem I can correct it if possible.  I try to keep my blogs coded so that they load problem free on as many browsers as possible.


John said...

Hi GG. I check my blogs / websites on http://browsershots.org - it loads your blog in dozens of browsers and uploads a screenshot for you to check.

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