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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forum Points at Adgitize

For the past few months it has been possible to earn up to 100 points per day writing a 200 or equivalent word forum post at Adgitize.  That all changes on July 1 when forum points will be eliminated.  I was dead set against it when the forum points were first announced but they went ahead.  So I said what the heck, use this to your advantage.  I decided to run a second ad and pump the snot out of the forum points to help recoup the costs.  The bottom line in two ads cost me $28 per month.  At my level I was able to make almost $24 back so my advertising ended up costing me $4.  I was essentially paying $4 or more back into Adgitize each month.  The problem is on Adgitize there are some members not interesting in advertising their blogs, only making money with their blogs.  They are draining money from Adgitize because they never pay into it.  Loyal advertisers such as myself and I've been very active since December of 2008 are seeing a decrease in advertisers and less return in our advertising dollars. 

I honestly like Ken Brown and his team at Adgitize.  They do a top notch job, always ready to solve any problem and keep members happy.  For whatever reason though the publishers who are only taking from the system and not giving back really end up getting the break, not the advertisers who are supporting Adgitize.  Now don't get me wrong because a blog advertising network needs publishers and publishers should be compensated, but I think publishers should be compensated in such a manner that it does not drain the system.  I have watched [while still supporting a blog advertising system I believe in] my traffic decrease from Adgitize even though I was running 2 ads.  I've watched the number of advertisers decrease as well.  Because I have confidence Adgitize will perform as expected I took out a third ad today so current three of my blogs are being advertized over Adgitize.  That was a good faith decision.  At the moment it almost feels to me like the shark is in the water.  I certainly hope not but I don't have a good feeling about what the changes will bring.  As an advertiser this of course concerns me so I will be keeping a close eye on what develops over the next couple of weeks.


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