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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goodbye Yahoo Groups

I have been a long time and somewhat active user of Yahoo Groups to the point that I even own four groups.  Some bloggers use the groups to promote their blogs and as free advertising goes at times you can get a bit of traffic from them.  The thing is most of these groups have no problem infringing on copyright to blatantly breaking it then getting pissy if you call them up on it.  They are fickle as well.  So knowing we were going on vacation on May 8 I decided to just lurk on the groups.  During our vacation I actually unsubscribed from a few of the groups I was on.  When we returned my husband was hospitalized so I had no desire to do more that lurk on the groups.  It's been over a month since I have actively participated on any Yahoo group and haven't missed them so I'm saying goodbye to Yahoo groups.  It's one less online activity I need to do so that's not a bad thing.  At one time the groups would bring a bit of traffic to the blogs but now they are simply work with no payback. 


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