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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am, I Am Canadian!

'I Am, I Am Canadian' and the words to that song echo through my head.  I have never, ever hidden the fact that I am a Canadian blogger.  Call me selfish but I will promote Canada 100% ever single chance I get so that means I will not run "marry a [insert country of choice]" ads on my blogs.  I will not run ads promoting travel in other countries when there is so much to see and do in Canada.  Now the funny thing is we bought property in the US as a vacation home but I am still Canadian and I don't care, I'm about as Canadian as you can get even when traveling outside of Canada.  I will however talk about non-Canadian products, culinary and gardening adventures.  So, that brings me to today's topic.  I got an email while on vacation from someone wanting to advertise on my cooking blog.  Clearly they had not read my blog so I let that email slide.  They emailed again but I was in the midst of my husband's health crisis so did not respond but again it was clear they did not know I was a Canadian blog.  They emailed again.  Tonight, I took the time to sit down and reply.  See, it clearly states in my blog profile that I am from Ontario, Canada.  Guess what?  Advertising a product that is not Canadian made is not going to happen on my blogs unless it is a product I use and stand behind 100%.  Nowhere does it state that I am going to advertise anything just because although my comment policy does state that I reserve the right to remove any links in comments should I actually approve them.  So I politely replied indicating that they must have missed that 'I Am Canadian' and will not endorse their product or website but thanked them for their interest in my blog.  At this point it should have been the end of matters but it wasn't.  Of course it wasn't the end of this issue just because I had things like a health crisis with my husband to deal with.  Two more emails arrived both going to the trash folder.  The third email had me launching LARTS and I've yet to get a fourth likely because the offending party is now looking for a new ISP...AND I AM CANADIAN!  I'm polite but don't piss me off!


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